What is the Coalition?

The Coalition of Women's Initiatives in Law is a non-profit membership association comprised of representatives of law firms, government entities, and corporations in Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C. The Coalition's mission is to support its members by providing positive avenues for communication, collaboration and guidance that 1) enhance the recruitment, retention and promotion of women lawyers and 2) support the building, implementation and continued relevancy of women's initiatives in law firms and companies.

Who can join the Coalition?

Any law firm or company with lawyers based in the Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C. that has a women's initiative or is committed to addressing issues facing women lawyers is welcome to join the Coalition. We also welcome individual members of in-house/corporate counsel.

Is the Coalition open to non-lawyers?

At this time, only law firms, companies with legal departments, or individual in-house lawyers are allowed to join the Coalition. However, we do work with consulting firms and businesses on women-related issues, and joint events and programs are occasionally held in which non-lawyers are able to attend. If you have questions about eligibility, please contact us at info@thewomenscoalition.com. In addition, there are a number of sponsorship opportunities for outside entities to support the Coalition.

What kinds of programs does the Coalition sponsor?

  • Conversations around social justice and diversity issues
  • Bridging the generation gap in the workplace 
  • Mindful leadership
  • Meaningful networking opportunities
  • Understanding and negotiating corporate compensation
  • For more specific program examples, please view a list of recent programs in New York and view a list of recent programs in Chicago.

Can all women attorneys who belong to the firm attend Coalition events?

Yes! Space permitting, events are open to all women attorneys at member firms and companies.  There are often space considerations, however, so do remember to RSVP in a timely way.  Occasionally there are programs where attendance is more targeted or limited, and that should be indicated in the invitation for the program.

How much does it cost to join?

Annual membership dues are based on a sliding scale depending on the size of the firm's Chicago, New York office or Washington, D.C. office(s), or the companies' Chicago, New York or Washington, D.C. legal department. Please visit the "Join" section of our website for more information.

Do you prorate the dues for firms that join mid-year?

For new members, we prorate dues on a quarterly basis. We prorate to encourage new members to join the Coalition mid-year, while recognizing that the Coalition is a non-profit organization, and all of the money we receive is spent in ways that benefit the Coalition and its members.